General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy Statement

Doig's Ltd trading as Doig's of Glasgow always aims to show transparency and fairness in the collection and use of data. And to let individuals, clients, customer and employees know for what purpose their data will be used.

We aim to:
Make it clear to individuals who use our services, websites ect. for what purpose the information is being collected, held and used for. And that they can ask for their details to be removed at any point, but still allow us to retain details for invoicing and billing for hire already completed.

We will only hold data for a given period. If we have had no transaction or activity with a contact on our system, it may be deleted without the clients consent after a 5 years period. This applies to all data, including: customers, staff, job candidates and any other information we hold on individuals electronically or in written formats.

Information held is confidential and will be used only for the purpose it is intended and for which permission has been granted (i.e. in the supply of coach or car hire).

We are able to show where we obtained our data from and why it was obtained.

All enquiry forms will explain that due to the rules, we need explicit consent that our customers are happy to be contacted by email, post or phone.

Individuals will at any time have the right to require copies of all information and data being held and processed about themselves, and Doig's Ltd must respond to such a request in complanice within the timelines as required by law if not sooner.

We will only collect or process data where we believe there is a legitimate interest to allow us to complete your booking or allow us to get paid for a booking already completed.

All our office staff understand their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Doig's Ltd is continually reviewing where and how our relevant services collect, use, store and dispose of data and updating policies, standards, governance and documentation as needed.

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